life is mad dumb most of the time lol

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Chain Rank |

missed it Ima bitch

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Dicks Hate The Police by The Dicks


The Dicks “Dicks Hate The Police”

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New York’s Alright 2014
Le Poisson Rouge
New York, NY

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Exit Order, Death By Audio, 2014

Anna fuckin killin it

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B.T.K. by DiE


Born. Torture. Kill.

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Stupid page I’m semi proud of for the next zine.

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Anonymous said: you love hardcore and youre sexy as hell.. how can a shy guy like me sweep you off your feet

you can’t because i’m not interested in weirdo internet hardcore kids that anonymously hit on me via tumblr

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Nest Of Vipers by Wiccans


Hidden languages 
Try to forget
Truth is absent

Pull back the curtain
And reveal what you fear

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ive always been mad chill

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Paranoid Anxieties Volume 2 is a VHS mixtape/documentary by Will Mecca of Denton, Texas and follow up to cult hit Paranoid Anxieties. Shot on various forms of VHS from April 2014 to the current time. Volume 2 addresses what makes punk so special to those who make it and strive to keep the genre strong, independent and thriving.
An hour and a half of analog filth features (at this point and time) the following bands; The Flex (UK), Obstruct (UK), Gag (OLY), Ivy (NYC), Cruelster (Cleveland), Negative Degree (Denver), Ooze (NWI), Big Zit (NWI), Pukeoid (NWI), Gas Rag (CHI), Broken Prayer (CHI), Beta Boys (KCMO), No Class (KCMO), Dirty Work (KCMO), The Warden (STL), American Hate (OKC), Glowgod (OKC), The Sentenced (Denton), Treatment (Denton), Wiccans (Denton), Sin Motivo (FTW), Lacerations (Dallas),  Blotter (ATX), Recide (ATX), Dress Code (HTX), Back To Back (HTX), Drug Dogs (HTX), and Sexpill (HTX).
As well as the musical performances it features short talks and interviews with the following individuals; Adam Cahoon (Institute, Wiccans, Blotter), Ralph Rivera (Raw Nerve, Bad Blood, The Bug), Jerad Lawson (Sin Motivo), Jose Mora (Gag, White Wards, Love Interest), Jeff Caffy (Gag, Bad Blood), and Antonio Holguin III (Ooze, Big Zit, Raw Nerve). The film according to Will is “ give something back to a community who has given me everything…” Paranoid Anxieties Volume 2 will be released sometime in December of 2014. 

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